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Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software is the most robust and accessible outdoor media management software for any OOH media vendor or agency. It provides real time access to Outdoor and Transit campaign information, reporting and up-to-the-minute installation information. Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software ensures the following: 1. Total flexibility on the application by admin like assigning rights and roles. 2. All your work pressure will be reduced by the use of this Software. 3. Availability & Accessibility of records 24X7 to authorized persons for anywhere. 4. Authenticated profile dependent access to data. 5. Cleverly designed and highly user friendly interface. 6. High end data security features avoiding data hack. 7. Freedom from maintaining lots of paperwork/register year by year. 8. Elimination of people-dependent processes. 9. Availability status of your sites in less than a minute. 10. Entire company's or any individual client's outstanding statement in less than a minute and so on. To know more about Edge1 OOH Software visit http://edge1.in/ or shoot us a mail at care@edge1.in.

Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Software is an ongoing software project undertaken by US Technosoft, a leading software development company. Edge1 focuses on “managing OOH easy with smart software”. We have developed a suite of web based software tools for OOH Media Owners and Agencies. Edge1 integrate and streamline all out-of-home business processes starting from Buying Media, Planning, Landlord Management, License Fee, Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation, Purchase Orders, Accounts, Reports, Alerts, Mailing (Internal and External) and much more. We work closely with owners and media buyers to design products which solve OOH problems. Our intention in developing Edge1 is to provide a convenient, efficient environment for media professionals to plan, buy and manage OOH campaigns.

Our development team is always looking for ways to improve our products, so if you need a new feature, some custom software to make your life easier just shoot us a mail to our developers at care@edge1.in or visit http://edge1.in/